Body. Mind. Soul. All of these make a person who they are. Because of this, health isn’t solely about the physical body. Being healthy involves physical, emotional and mental well-being. This is why it’s important for healing to focus on all aspects of a person, rather than just the physical body.

Wyoming Medical Center isn’t only dedicated to healing your physical health. We are also dedicated to helping you heal your mind and soul as well, by caring for a broad range of spiritual and emotional needs. Whether you’re dealing with a health crisis, end-of-life decisions, or even death, WMC is dedicated to providing comforting spiritual care for your mind and soul.

Our professionally trained and experienced chaplains function as an integral part of our healthcare team. The pastoral and spiritual care services offered at Wyoming Medical Center include:

  • Confidential pastoral care and spiritual counseling
  • Spiritual assessment, intervention, comfort and nurture
  • Emotional support of diagnosis, grief and end-of-life issues
  • Non-judgmental listening
  • Crisis intervention and staff debriefings
  • Advocacy for patients and staff
  • Consultation on Advance Directives, organ tissue donation and bioethical issues
  • Providing resources of religious texts and spiritual literature
  • Assisting in contacting local clergy for specific religious rituals or sacraments

Spiritual Care Availability

If you feel the need to see a chaplain, they will be available to you. Staff chaplains are on-site weekdays between 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Evening and weekend emergencies are covered by on-call chaplains. If you are in need of immediate spiritual care services, you may call the paging operator at (307) 577-7201 and request a chaplain.

Our new chapel and spiritual care offices are located on the second floor of the McMurry West Tower just north of the sky lobby. This sacred space is open for prayer, meditation and reflection for persons of all faiths.


Chaplain Zacarias C. Buhuro, MDiv/MA. BCC 

Staff Chaplain, Board-Certified
(307) 577-2048 

Chaplain Zacarias C. Buhuro is a board certified professional chaplain (National Association of Catholic Chaplains). Chaplain Zac was born and raised in Mozambique in Africa. He earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy in Maputo at St. Augustine Philosophical Seminary. He also has a Masters of Divinity degree and an MA in Theology with concentration in bio ethics from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.

He has worked as a missionary in Uganda during his seminary training, working with orphaned street children whose parents died from HIV/AIDS.

Chaplain Zac completed a yearlong clinical pastoral care residency at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville, Ind., in 2006. Before joining Wyoming Medical Center, Chaplain Zac worked as a Clinical Hospice Chaplain with Vitas Hospice Care in the inner city of Chicago. He is ecclesiastically endorsed by the Catholic Church and is as an active member in good standing with the National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC). Chaplain Zac attends St. Anthony Catholic Church in Casper

Chaplain Zac is fluent in four languages: Ndau, Portuguese, Spanish and English. His cross cultural training, his work with different cultures in ministry and his various aspects of healthcare chaplaincy are strong assets which he brings to Wyoming Medical Center.

Chaplain Michael J. Gerace, M. Div., Ph.D.

Staff Chaplain
(307) 577-2414 

Michael Gerace has a Masters of Divinity degree with concentrations in Pastoral Care and Theology from Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Tufts University. He is a licensed and ordained Cooperative Baptist Fellowship minister. His Clinical Pastoral Education includes a Chaplain Internship at Roper St. Francis Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina and Chaplain Residency at West Virginia University Medicine, in Morgantown, West Virginia. He also has five years of experience as a Jail Chaplain at the Richmond City Jail where he operated a 501-C3 non-profit called Above Division Jail Mission, which he founded.

Michael’s ministry interests involve the practice of spiritual direction and contemplative techniques for people in crisis. Included are the ministries of presence and reconciliation for those undergoing trauma, critical change and transition. Prior to entering Ministry, Michael enjoyed a career as a chemist, inventor and businessman where he received numerous awards and patents for his development of novel recycling processes and products for the automotive and construction industries.  His still maintains an active interest in the theology and practice of environmental sustainability.

On-Call Chaplains

All of our on-call community chaplains have clinical pastoral education and in-depth hospital ministry training. These dedicated volunteers cover the evening and weekend emergency chaplaincy needs on a rotation basis.

  • Brenda Frelsi, Lutheran Pastor
  • Michael Burke, Catholic Deacon
  • Dave Mondle, Non-denominational Minister
  • Lynn Williamson, Presbyterian Pastor
  • Cynthia McBride, First Christian Church Pastor
  • Jack Olson, Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church Pastor
  • Libby Hugus, The Table Pastor

Find More Information

Whether you would like to submit a prayer request or a visit by a chaplain, feel free to contact us anytime at (307) 577-2417 or email.